QUESTIONS CONCERNING COVID 19 and  Your stay at Goldenview Retreat:

May 1st, 2020

Social Distancing- New Proactive solutions for our Guests comfort.

1. All Guest Check Ins are now through Self Check in and through our Guest Private Entrance. We Provide The Code and information at Booking via email and Text.

2 Acre Property-  Our interior space and yards are large enough that you can easily maintain as much social distance as you would like. Outside activities include watching a sunset or sunrise from your suite maybe combined with a nearby Nature hike. 

3. Limited Guests- We will not have more than 6 Guests on site at any time. 

4.Breakfast to Go- this Year, 2020, we are providing a new service to Allow Our guests maximum Safety and       privacy. WE will be Providing Specialized Breakfast to Go in Goldenview Boxes. They will have                    everything needed to enjoy your breakfast on Site or On the Go to your activity.  Breakfasts include Items Such AS : Fresh Baked Mini Bread loafs, Fresh Fruit. Cheese or Yogurt and Egg Dish. Please note- Vegitarian Options Available.

Cleaning Procedures-

We have always been very careful to follow meticulous cleaning and sanitizing procedures to safeguard our guests’ comfort, safety, and well-being while they vacation with us. Our ratings for Cleanliness are among the very highest in Anchorage with a 9.9 score.

With the current situation, we have immediately redoubled our efforts to ensure that you can come here with the absolute assurance that maintaining and protecting your health is taken very seriously by everyone at Goldenview.

You might be interested in knowing that, as a boutique Property we routinely spend over 1-1.5 hours per room in cleaning procedures that cleanse and sanitize your suite and the entire property on a daily basis.

Here is a summary of our current cleaning and sanitizing policies. This is not an exhaustive listing but it does detail much about the process of procedures we follow to ensure every suite is thoroughly sterilized after each guest turnover as well as activities that enhance the safety of guests throughout their stay.

Replace all bed linens and pillowcases after EVERY guest. (Guests staying more than 3 days will also have their linen and pillowcases changed during their stay.)

Clean and sanitize all cups, glasses, and mugs, (whether used or not) in a high-temp Bosch commercial dishwasher after EVERY guest.

Replace every washcloth, every hand and bath towel (whether used or not) after EVERY guest.

Replace bathrobes after EVERY use.

Disinfect every touch-surface in the suite, including handles, keys, doorknobs, light switches, faucets, tables and desks, pens, buttons & remote controls after EVERY guest.

  • Disinfect bathtubs, shower stalls, sinks, toilets, and water faucets after EVERY guest.

  • We have switched from providing ice water in a thermos to sealed water bottles in each suite for your hydration and pleasure.

  • Very effective  liquid body gel, bubble bath, and hair conditioner made with organic compounds are packaged in pump containers. These containers’ surfaces are sanitized after EVERY guest experience. 

  • Multiple snacks, including coffee and tea, have always been provided. Now all snacks are items that come in sealed packages.

  • Provide hand-sanitizer in private and public areas.

  • Breakfast is prepared by trained personnel who follow strict hygienic procedures to maintain complete sanitization.

  • What if I choose to cancel

  • We have Chosen to keep our original Cancelation Policy to not add additional burden to our Guests. We are Grateful to those that have chosen to rebook and stay in the future, but we understand if that's not possible. We are continuing to honor our 7 day cancel policy.

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